Stories of Change, You Are Not Alone

During September and October, people from around the world will be sharing their stories of what they’ve personally changed around depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. You can watch these on the Access Consciousness YouTube Channel  or Facebook Page

You’re warmly invited to join Dr. Dain Heer on Sept 10, World Suicide Awareness Day at 12:00 p.m. Pacific, as he is interviewed by his sister, Sarah. (find your time in the world here) Find the full schedule of interviews at

What spark of hope, possibility and conversation can we be?

These videos are subtitled in several languages. To activate them, start the video and choose your settings in its lower right corner.

Have you ever felt stuck with too many problems? Or do you know someone who may feel alone or overwhelmed by fear or worry?

We would like to invite you to something different and the possibility for change.

There is hope. No one has to walk this journey alone.

With awareness of the increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide, Access Consciousness facilitators and practitioners of Access Bars® will be hosting free events or offering complimentary Access Bars sessions for anyone looking for a different possibility, or a spark of hope.

Many facilitators and practitioners who offer these sessions have overcome their own mental health struggles and feelings of not being “enough”, and have joined in this powerful initiative.

To find out more, you can register for a free event here or contact the facilitator!

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