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If you arrived here specifically looking for Access Consciousness® tools, then you will find this a comprehensive, all-in-one place to find Access clearing tools, website/blog/radio show links, free audios & videos, Access Bars info, downloadable mp3 loops & processes, specialty classes and more. Maybe you just arrived here by “accident”… Either way, you are in the right place!  Life-changing information can be found in these pages & it can lead you to something you’ve never experienced before in your life.

I first heard of Access Consciousness™ about 11 years ago when a magnetic, humorous, insightful and gentle man named Dain Heer was a guest speaker on the You Wealth Revolution teleseries and he just lit up the call!

On one hand, I felt like a fog had lifted from the very first listen – a major light bulb went off 💡 At the same time, I felt kind of dizzy and my breathing changed. The words of “The Clearing Statement”  he spoke sounded like gibberish, but on another more energetic level, it actually made sense and my body could feel it. All I knew was was things were shifting right then and there and I wanted more.

I found myself drawn to Access Consciousness™ in a way I hadn’t been toward any other personal development modality that I’d used to clear the blocks to my awareness.

Access is a way of having your life back; a way of getting the joy of living back, and ultimately create a different space for you to live as -one that let’s other people know that change in their lives, and change in the world is possible.” – Dr. Dain Heer

Have you always known that something else is possible and that you’re meant for greater things but don’t know where to look to find it? What if you’ve just found it?

Well, I have to say that when I got a taste of Access…these became some of the primary transformation tools that I added into my toolkit. Starting with learning The Bars, listening to POC POD clearing processes, using the Access Mantra and other core materials.

I’ve attended multiple live events, invested thousands in live audio workshops, listened to Access founders Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, and other facilitators for hours speaking on multiple online telesummits..  I also listen to their radio show on the Voice America Empowerment Series on Fridays and there are TONS of videos on YouTube. There is no shortage of places to find them these days.

Also, as of April 2012, I became a Certified Access Bars™ Facilitator where I learned to do a hands on head energetic release process which gently and comfortably opens up even MORE space for consciousness which adds a whole other level to all of this.

Want to Know More About Access Consciousness™?

Access Consciousness™ is a process developed by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer based on the power of asking questions.

It’s a set of tools and processes that basically can change anything that’s not working for you in your life. It works on any area including family, work, relationships, sex, money, body weight, habits, plus physical and emotional trauma.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.

It’s about empowering you to know what you know, and it’s not someone else telling you what your truth is. No one can tell you about you.

The question brings up this energy and your points of view (POV) come to the surface as well and then you run a clearing statement to change the energy and undo them. Whether you feel expansive and light, or contracted and heavy… you perceive your own energy and become aware of what’s true for you. The guiding principle is:

The truth will always make you feel lighter,

and a lie will always make you feel heavier


What if Ask & You Shall Receive is actually true?

Does that make you feel lighter or heavier? If you’re like most, I’m guessing lighter, right?

What if all you had to do was ask? But, there is one caveat…you have to get out of your own way!

The way to do that is by asking questions that bring up your limited, fixed points of view (POV) about a given situation and when they do come up, and they will, recognize them or just the feeling of them.

You don’t have to identify what they are, just feel into it and run the clearing statement on each POV.

The universe is begging for you to get out of your own way and is ready to give you everything you desire without any judgment AND better than anything you could possibly imagine.

Does asking questions create more possibilities or less? More, right?

What if by asking questions you’re actually creating a change in energy?

Whenever you go to any conclusion, that creates a stop of the energy, a solidification, and doesn’t allow the universe to gift to you in any other way than what you’ve concluded.

Conclusions cut off your awareness and closes doors and options.

So that’s the best part…you don’t have to have an answer to the question, just ask and use The Clearing Statement™ to dissipate the places where you have stuck energy in conclusions and points of view keeping you from allowing another choice or possibility to show up for you to be aware of and take action on.

My Favorite Access Clearing Tools

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