Clearing Processes and Loops

listening to audio processes

Access Consciousness processes and loops are audio/mp3 recordings of spoken verbal energetic processes that include The Clearing Statement™  that when listened to repeatedly on a loop, offer listeners a powerful tool for permanent clearing of stored energetic belief, thought, and feeling patterns.  The are easily downloadable and can be transferred to your mobile device or listened to from your computer.

You can listen while you sleep, while you workout, while you drive or have them on low volume at work. The more you listen, the deeper the change.  Simply download the mp3 file to your computer or phone and take it with you everywhere.

The processes are generated from the ongoing Access Consciousness Classes that are hosted all around the world by Gary Douglas, Dain Heer, and dozens of other Certified Access Facilitators whether live in person, livestreamed, or pre-recorded teleclasses. Like this one for example; Busting The Myths of Embodiment by Dr. Dain Heer which includes BOTH the one hour class PLUS the verbal processes.

If you’re interested in recordings of the actual classes that also include the process loops, visit the Access Consciousness Shop.

Here’s a list of the most common & specialty class topics: