Is Your Headache Really a Bars Ache?

Re-posted from the Access Consciousness Blog August 2010

What’s a “Bars ache?” The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, each of which correlates to a particular area of our life. These include money, body, sexuality, control, awareness, joy and sadness just to name a few. They can occasionally be activated by our activities of daily life, which can cause us to experience a feeling of intensity in those points on our head. Where on your head do you experience your personal headaches?

If you learned that the location of your headaches revealed issues and energies to be cleared, rather than being an “organic” cause, would you be so quick to take a painkiller? What if your headache were really a Bars ache?

These points were discovered by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, over 20 years ago. Since then thousands of people world-wide have had the experience of having their “Bars run,” (meaning those 32 points on the head gently touched) with overwhelmingly positive results.

Having your “Bars run” is a relaxing experience. All that’s required of you as the recipient is to lie down, relax, and receive. The giver of the session touches the specific points on your head (the Bar points are the end of the bars, which extend energetically through your head as a bar of energy, hence naming them “The Bars.”) with very light pressure. The worst that can happen after an hour long Bars session is you’ll feel like you had great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.

What if you’ve never heard of the Bars? Can you still be experiencing a Bars ache?

It has been known to happen. One young woman attended an introductory seminar in Access Conscious at the invitation of some close friends. She had never even heard of the Bars, let alone had them run. Not long into the meeting, she found herself experiencing an excruciating headache. Even though she was not familiar with the Bars, they had turned on nonetheless. The intensity she was experiencing as pain was the feeling of her Bars awakening.

She received a session of Bars, her headache was immediately and seemingly magically relieved, and no aspirin was required.

So where do your headaches start? Wherever they start, chances are good there’s a Bar located there. Do they start at the back of your head, a typical place for many migraines to start? That’s the power band, where all of our considerations about what power means lie.

Or are your headaches more in the front of your head? If they’re centered above your eyebrows, those would be the bars that pertain to joy and sadness.

How about headaches on the side of the head? If they’re above the ear or behind it, they could be related to control, awareness, or creativity. More to the front, on the side of the temple, points are found which relate to healing, form and structure, hopes and dreams, as well as time and space and communication.

Headaches at the top of the head can be from Bars about aging, which includes every point of view you have ever had about age. That area also has Bars about the body in general and sexuality.

How do you know if yours is a headache or a Bars ache? It’s very simple! You just ask. Say the question out loud, “Is this a headache or a Bars ache?” One of those two will feel lighter, like it has more space and less solidity than the other. That’s the one that’s true.

If what you have is a Bars ache, you can often relieve it by gently touching those points. Resting your fingertips there is enough. Hold your hand there for a few minutes and see what happens to your headache. Most people notice some relief in just a minute or two, for others the “headache” vanishes totally in that time. If you get any relief at all by touching that point, it is a Bar that is asking to be touched so the energy can dissipate and change.

How do you know where the Bars are? The best way to learn is to take a Bars class, which is offered by some 250 Bars Facilitators world wide, certified by Access Consciousness. Bars Facilitators currently live in 15 different countries, with more facilitators being added every day. You can search for classes near you by going to the Access Consciousness website, which is, and searching for Bars classes.

The class lasts one relaxing day, in which you give and receive two complete Bars sessions. At the end of the training, you are qualified to perform Bars for others, including not only family and friends, but also paying clients if you wish.

A great side effect of having your Bars run is that each session clears 10,000 years of negativity. Talk about an anti-aging strategy! People who get their Bars run regularly tend to appear to stop aging and soon look younger than peers their age. What aspirin can offer that as a side effect?

You can also learn Access Bars® onlineClick here to learn more.


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