Why You Should Tithe 10% to the Church of You

This is being re-posted from Access Consciousness YouTube channel

Do you want to change your money flows?

Well then one of the most important things that I discovered is, you need to tithe to the church of you.

You want to tithe 10% of every penny that comes into your life, into the church of you. And what you’re doing is telling the Universe that YOU deserve money. When you pay you FIRST and you put that 10% away for you, what you will create in your life is more money coming in.

If you do this, then within 6 months your whole financial universe will have turned around. And it’s really important to do this from the point of view that you’re actually doing this as an honoring of you, not because somebody else is telling you to do it.

When you get to the place where you’re putting that 10% away, there will come a time that you will have a certain amount of money (and each of us has our own certain amount). Once we have that, we will no longer think about money and we will have a security and a point of view that we HAVE money.

What’s better? to have money? or to spend money? To have money means you always have something to spend. To spend money means you have nothing left.

So, choose. It’s your choice.

Get Gary’s Best Selling Book – Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are

Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are is written for people who live in a constant state of difficulty around money, whether its spending too much, not having enough, or having too much.

This books offers you out of the box concepts with money. It is not about money. It never is. Its about what you’re willing to receive. What could a different perspective and approach to money do for you and your bank account?

If you’re willing to receive the freedom of life, then money has no value to you.

–Gary M. Douglas

Find out what no one else has ever told you about money! The universe is an abundant place, the tools and techniques in this book will give you a choice to create a different reality.


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