What If Uncomfort is Not Wrong?

When things seem difficult, what if that is when you’re awareness is growing and has the capacity to carve out a completely new space?

If you’re gonna truly start becoming more aware and more conscious in your life you’re going to start having some weird, wonky and twisted days.  During those times, what’s happening is your reference points from the past are dissolving.  The solid points of view you used to use to prop you up, define who you were, or limit who you could be are actually going away – and it’s going to get uncomfortable.

What if that uncomfortableness is that solidity that you use to define you and hold you down disappearing and your willingness to have something different showing up and the space of you showing up and it’s totally uncomfortable because all of your points of view about comfortability are based on your reference points from your past?

What if you asked yourself, “Is this the change I’ve been asking for showing up in a totally different way than I thought it would?” 

If you do, then you will be free to surf the waves that currently seem uncomfortable but that will allow a tsunami of change to run through your life as a tsunami of possibilities that will give you the awareness, the life, the living and the world you’ve been hoping for and asking for and didn’t know you had the courage to choose.

This is why so many people don’t live lives of greatness and possibility; they do not step into their total awareness and total capacities, because for them when it gets uncomfortable, they go back in the other direction.

Have the awareness that this is what you’ve been asking for showing up and run faster in the direction of your dreams, your desires, your awareness and the life and living you would like to create and the world you would like to be part of creating!

Listen to this video to hear more and receive the clearings from Dain.

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