Having Peace With Money

This is being re-posted from Gary Douglas’s blog at GaryMDouglas.com

woman on a beachAre you sick and tired of the roller-coaster of having money and then the stomach-churning stress of no money? What if you could have peace with money instead?

Benevolent capitalism is about having a pragmatic approach to money and that begins with figuring out what your life actually costs.

It costs to run your business; it costs to run your life. If you know how much it costs to run your life then you will not necessarily over-spend.

Most people don’t know what it costs to run their life or what they should spend, so they just spend money as they have it.

If you would like to have a different reality, you’ve got to be willing to have 3 things:

  • Wealth is the ability to have things to sell with ease.
  • Money is any source of liquid asset that you can move on quickly.
  • Cash is what you carry around and wonder why you don’t have enough.

A whole lot of people think they’re comfortable with their income, and that’s when they stop creating their life.

If you’re comfortable with where you are, then you’re not stretching yourself to create and generate more.

To assume you’re comfortable is a mistake.

What if you could start a different conversation about money, profit and revenue streams with the people in your business and the people in your life?

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