Keys to Creating a Future

This was written by Gary Douglas and is being re-posted from his blog.

create-futureWhat is the valuable product in your life? What do you value more? The past, the present or the future? Most people value the past and what they can have now more than what can be created for the future. But if you don’t value the future, you will never create the future you desire.



1. Gratitude

Being grateful for everything and everyone is a key element in creating a future. If you’re not grateful for what you have today, you will never create a future.

If you have gratitude, you can create a future, if you don’t, you’re destroying everything except right now. You are living in the moment, you’re not living in the moment and creating a future. Living in the moment is great, but you have got to be willing to create a future as well. There is a consistency about gratitude that is about the future.

If you have no gratitude for your body, you will not create a future that has a body in it. That’s what’s killing the planet. People don’t have gratitude for their bodies so they can’t create a body that can have gratitude. They have to find a way to kill themselves off and they will find it. If you stop referencing what your body was in the past, and start creating it from what it can be today, then you can let all the stuff from the past go. If you keep looking for what it was then you are going to fuck yourself over. There is no past. Choose for right now; don’t choose for then.

When you have gratitude in your life, then you can create a future. You cannot create a future without gratitude. Be grateful for everything in your life and ask, “What gratitude can I have that will create the future I desire?”

2. Enthusiasm doesn’t create a future

People have the illusion that what they are excited about, what they have entusiams for, will create their future. This is actually not true. Enthusiasm creates just for today. Enthusiasm is what you do for right now. When you do enthusiasm, it is to make you excited about what is happening now because it’s finally what you created from the past that is showing up. I always look at what I created in the past as well as what I am creating for the future. I look at the past and I am grateful that I asked for what I asked for twenty years ago and that it’s showing up now. It took me 20 years to get it, does that suck? No, I’m glad it finally showed up. That’s awesome!

3. Waiting for convenience will stop you

If you wait for what is convenient for you, you will never create your future. Convenience is the one way you eradicate all future possibilities. When you’re doing what’s convenient you’re not actually committed to your future, you’re committed to your convenience. That means it has no true value to you. It only has a convenient value. It’s like the inconvenient truth. No one wanted to listen to Al Gore and he was talking about creating a future.

4. Be willing to change

People like sameness; they don’t like change. Change is the only thing that is going to give you the ability to create the future. I’m being the change that will create the future because I am more interested in creating a future that is more expansive, not just creating money. The money is not that important to me. I can get money other ways. If we want to survive, we need to change the way we look at things. If we want to create a world in which there is more, we have got to look at things different. Until that becomes a reality, this world is going to die. Access is about changing the world so that it’s a better place, not about making you feel good.

A different possible future is possible. The question is, will you choose it?

What future can you create with the choice you make today?


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