5 Easy Steps to Creation

This is being re-posted from the blog at Dr. Dain Heer.com

What is creation? It is the actualization of your ASK, my friend!

Now what if that could occur in much, much, much, much, much more ease than what we could ever imagine?

See, most people are taught to create by constantly course-correcting based on their own and other’s expectations, judgements and projections. That takes a lot of work!

Here are five different steps to easy creation!

Let me repeat!

1. You ASK for what you desire.
2. You get the sense of the energy and the space it would be to have that show up. And then bask in it!
3. You ask the Universe for help by committing to changing whatever it takes for having this show up.
5. You stay present and alert when all the points of view that are in the way of you having what you’re asking for start to present themselves…
5. You use the darn tools to change all those point of views so the change can come in.

If you start using these five steps to creation, you’ll be a) course correcting based on AWARENESS and b) the creation will be something that you just…receive.

Just saying!



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