Your Choice Will Change Reality

Written by Gary Douglas, this is being re-posted from the Access Consciousness Blog

your-choice-changes-realities-blogIf you are like most people, you have spent your life trying to choose from the menu of this reality. The menu of this reality is: You’re right, you’re wrong, you’re good, you’re bad, you’re limited, you’re not limited. None of it is about what is actually possible that you haven’t even considered.

I don’t look at anything from rightness or wrongness or good or bad. Whatever the choice is, I always look at “What is this going to create? How is this choice going to create a different possibility? How is this choice going to create a different possibility that I haven’t even considered is possible?”

What if you looked at your choices from that point of view? What if you started to create from what is possible that you never even considered? I always do. When I’m looking at a choice, I never ask, “How is this going to work in this reality?” I ask, “What is this going to create that’s beyond anything I have ever known, anything I have ever thought was possible, anything that will create something greater than what has actually been on planet Earth so far?”

Your choice will change reality. Please get this. The Kingdom of True Choice is recognizing that everything you choose creates a different world. Want to create a different world? Then choose. Stop pretending that your choice has no relevance. Your choice from the state of consciousness will create a change in everybody else’s realities.

Is that what you would like to create? Then choose it!

People have always known they are special. They think, “I must be special, I must be special, I must be special,” but they don’t actually claim it. I always knew I was special too, but nobody else saw it, so I negated it. I wanted a different reality, but no one else could see that reality, so I denied it. I knew there was something I could do that could create a change for the world, but I couldn’t find it – because I was looking in everybody else’s pocket for value, rather than in my own pocket.

Each of us, as the gift we are, has something to offer that could change everything. You have to look in your own pocket to find the gift that’s been there your whole life. You know it’s there. You know you have it. But instead of claiming it, you always look into someone else’s reality, trying to find something of value there.

You are a unique gift to the world. Do you ever acknowledge that? What would it take for you to acknowledge what you are, what you’re capable of, and what you have not yet chosen, that if you would choose it, would change everything?

How many choices that are available to you are you not acknowledging, that if you would acknowledge them, would change the world to what you’d like it to be?

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