How To Use The Power of Chaos To Create


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Volcanoes are the embodiment of chaos. When a volcano erupts it spews out ash and lava often causing destruction but — if you’re willing to recognize it — this chaos opens the door to a greater possibility. The cooled lava becomes rock, fertilizes the area and creates new habitat for animals and different creatures to exist.

“Chaos is the source of moving into greater possibility as much as order is,” said Gary Douglas recently. They’re two sides of the same coin.

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, co-creators of Access Consciousness, were discussing what’s actually blooming that you haven’t yet acknowledged on the monthly Creative Edge of Consciousness call, when the subject of chaos and order electrified callers.

Listen to a short soundbyte from the call

“You’ve got the idea that order is good and chaos is bad,” Dr Dain said. “In a world where…nothing is judged, totally different possibilities exist that are far beyond this reality. But we keep trying to put them into one box or another: order or chaos.”

Do you think chaos is not conscious? Do you think order is conscious?

“We have such an aversion to chaos while having constant states of disruptive chaos in our lives so we never get to use chaos to create anything!” Dain pointed out.

Most people try to eliminate chaos, or define it, as a way of creating order, not realizing that they’re making their lives small enough to control with their minds. What if something greater were possible?

“If you order everything then you try to control everything so there’s no undefined element in it,” Dain revealed. “The beauty of chaos is it’s not defined to a particular space, place or time. It supersedes all of it.”

Chaos is the non-ordered expansiveness of a possibility beyond the limitations people try to keep it in; it’s that place where the volcano erupts and creates change.

What do you do when the volcano explodes in your life? That’s the time to start looking at what’s right about this I’m not getting? Consciousness is not ordered; consciousness creates chaos for most people because they’re so uncomfortable with it.

As Gary said, “We’d like you to be on the creative edge where you have the cohesiveness between order and chaos, which is called oneness which allows everything to be without judgment.”

What possibilities could you create in your life, if you chose to be on the Creative Edge?

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